Sacred Surf

Today’s Feast unleashes into the still-fresh new liturgical year a torrent of living waters that will make all creation lush in verdant grace, as the enfleshed Creator-Word, the New Joshua, descends into the muddy waters of the Jordan at John’s command and prepares the universal solvent for its new mission: to wash away the leprous filth of sin and labor slaves into God’s Land of Promise where children are free to play without fear.  All Sundays from now up to Lent will be carried along in this seemingly Ordinary river that makes fertile all wastelands.

Look up with the Evangelist today to see the heavens tear open, and the dove return bearing prism peace upon the New Noah who empowers us to slosh fearlessly with him on the waters of the tempestuous flood.

I will allow a song born of the hardship of slavery in America to praise the glory of this Feast.  This is one of my favorite songs of all time.

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