Persecutor’s Perspective

This article made me think of a fundamental characteristic of early Christian martyrs who faced mortal opposition for their Christ-filled worldview. The martyrs thought of the agony of persecution as a graced opportunity (1) to publicly manifest the authenticity of their faith, hope and charity; (2) to suffer with and for Christ; (3) to have opportunity to be in solidarity with fellow suffering members of Christ’s Body; and (4) to gain for themselves the rapt attention of their ‘persecutors’ who were looking closely for any sign of in-authenticity under suffering that might discredit the martyr’s Christ-like witness.

Lesson to Christians: be careful how you publicize or parade your persecutions, and once you have done so know that the persecutors are probably watching with a cynical eye waiting for you to misstep…so remember, it’s not primarily your arguments, but who you are under pressure that speaks your authenticity — i.e. your symphony with the Author — most eloquently.

Bottom line: like the virtue of humility, once you claim persecuted status you may run this risk of forfeiting it.

2 comments on “Persecutor’s Perspective

  1. MB says:

    In the blog author, “Libby Anne” ‘s bio :” Because I was once myself an evangelical, a religious right activist, and an antifeminist, I try to address these issues with empathy rather than snark.”
    Snark was exactly the word that came to mind when I read the article. She picks and chooses, informed by her own experiences (as we all are), and finds the caricature. You and I know many good people who speak the truth in love …but they are, by definition, not getting the press.

    • Yes! which is precisely why I mentioned they ‘watch’ with a cynical eye. All of the martyrs’ tormentors were snarky and purveyors of caricatures. Just good to remember, and be aware of as we live our witness beneath their gaze.

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