Saved by Beauty

This commercial is just a great example of a redemptive vision of life, and it sparked in me a flash of insights. I will share one tangentially related spark here.

Romans 12:21

When Christians see others fitfully fumbling, failing or faltering, our response should not be to merely rail against them, gripe and groan, or rain down twisted torrents of sarcastic rage or glee, but rather we are to supply for the ‘lack’ by means of the awful beauty of love that has been so lavishly and undeservedly given to us. Why else were we shown mercy other than to have chance to seek every opportunity to give it away (i.e. Matthew 6:15)?

Especially in the midst of an iCulture that is filled with the cc’d sewage of gossip, rash judgment, slander, detraction and calumny, Christians must do and be otherwise. In the absence of this ‘otherwise,’ what evangelical attraction would the Gospel have for anyone who peers in to see what is the Christian difference?

Reminds me also of a quote from, of course, St. John of the Cross, ‘Where there is no love, put love and you will draw out love.’

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