Choledocholithiasis and such

Over the last several years, I have become more aware of an interesting phenomenon that has given me a new insight into the New Roman Missal.

Those I have known who have had loved ones suffer an illness and face the often overwhelming, even if wondrous world of medical science develop this amazing capacity to master a new lexicon, and become remarkably familiar with a new conceptual world that was at one time foreign and uninteresting to them.

What made the difference? Love. Their love for the patient they care about kindled in them a fire that compelled them to research and read and study and memorize wildly strange terms like menometrorrhagia or bradykinesia, or read online articles from the The New England Journal of Medicine. It’s a beautiful thing to see!

Yet, when our new Missal emerged on the scene how many of us felt compelled to master this new lexicon, or voraciously devour articles that unpack the riches that lay hidden in the Roman Rite?

Consubstantial is our faith-window into the most secret intimacy between Father and Son in the Blessed Trinity. We should be exhausted from lack of sleep as we unpack its meaning, or dripping sweat as we labor to wrap our minds around these mysteries. Or again, hearing about ‘prevenient grace’ in the Prayer Over the Gifts at Mass on December 8th should send us running to the Catechism (e.g. CCC 2670) to know how this unique manifestation of grace shapes my relationship with God.

The Mass offers us the Medicine and Fountain of Immortality, and contains all the vast and unlimited healing power of the God who created the universe.


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2 comments on “Choledocholithiasis and such

  1. whimsy says:

    Oh, no! I hope you’re feeling well. My dad had that and was laid out by it. Should I be calling you “Rocky”?

    What a beautiful attitude toward the new translation. I think we are insensitive to the hardships involved in making the creed — I’m thinking now especially of St. Athanasius — and also marvel at how we can be so dull to the truths therein when we swim in the muck of errors regarding the faith. Clarity is a blessing!!

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