Which hotel y’all staying at?

I went to get my haircut in Metairie when we first arrived at an old fashioned Barber Shop that has been staffed by the same three barbers since the last 60’s. Awesome.

When I first stopped in to get my haircut, I sat in the chair and told him the # for the electric shaver, and he said, without missing a beat: “So, which hotel y’all staying at while you’re in town?”

I was a Xenos, and he knew it.

When I told him I lived here, he said, “How long?”

“One week.”

Strangers in a foreign land, and glad of it…

7 comments on “Which hotel y’all staying at?

  1. Lisa Bourne says:

    I can’t wait to hear y’all start drawling.

  2. Brad Sharp says:

    It is a unique place. How did you survive your first hurricane there? Drop me a line.

    • Will do!! So good to see your name! We had power out from Tuesday night to last night — it was a miracle to get it back to fast with 500,000+ w/out power. And with a heat index today/tomorrow of 105 pray for those who won’t have it back yet. Let’s connect asap…

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