Isaac Insider, Extra Post


I thought I might share a few scattered ‘insider’ views of Hurricane Isaac, for those who know us well enough to be interested. Many thanks to the many who sent kind emails, texts, prayers and such!

+ First, we have been highly aware that we had a minor experience of hardship compared to the poor communities right along the coast. Please pray for them. Made us think of an excellent movie we saw in July.

+ The satellite loop of Isaac’s history is absolutely stunning (go to August 29th entry for video)!

+ First time I have ever really understood what 50-60 mph ‘sustained winds’ meant, and heard that ‘train’ sound everyone speaks of during sustained high winds. I took the kids on a walk down the deserted and flooded streets, barefoot in our bathing suits, during the height of the storm Wednesday so they could get a 4-D experience of a hurricane. Too fun! In the nearly-flooding canal in the middle of the main road near our house there was an alligator swimming amid the wind-driven waves. Needless to say, we walked briskly back home wondering if there were alligators strolling with us! The rain was non-stop and sideways from Tuesday afternoon to Thursday afternoon.

+ Our power was out for 2 days. Minuscule in the scheme of things. But boy did it expose our attachment to all-things-electricity related; especially computer related! I am a wimp. Most are still without power as I write this.

+ People here have been phenomenal. People helping people. A neighbor here said, ‘we don’t wait for Uncle Sam to do this; people just get to work and get life back to normal. What you saw on TV in Katrina was the exception, not the rule.’ Relatively few looting incidents — they police drove all around the city all the time, with emergency lights flashing. At the intersections near our home with no stop lights, people have taken turns without any horn-honking. That amazed me!

+ Our parish had a clean-up day today where parishioners joined together for a fast restoration of the grounds to good-as-new.

+ We drove around the day after Isaac abated, and found downed trees, sideways power poles, underwater yards, a collapsed gas station.

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6 comments on “Isaac Insider, Extra Post

  1. There is a 4D experience of a hurricane at EPCOT. Please do not feed the alligators!

  2. Judy Svendsen says:

    Thanks for the post! Thankful you all are okay. It’s funny we went out into the hurricane in FL too. Take care!!!

  3. tracye1 says:

    Hurricanes are a wild experience, aren’t they? I don’t particularly enjoy them, especially after going through 4 in a row in ’04…however, the aftermath is really quite stunning in witnessing the power of Mother Nature followed by the awesomeness of neighbor helping neighbor. It really takes trials and tribulations to build community sometimes. Glad you made it through safely!

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