Adam and Eve After the Pill

+ First, here is my girls’ latest Blog Post!

+ Second, this article by Fr. McCloskey serves as a fine introduction to M. Eberstadt’s fascinating book…

Author Mary Eberstadt’s timing could not be better for her new book on the painful paradoxes of the sexual revolution. Titled Adam and Eve after the Pill and published by Ignatius Press, it appears at an interesting juncture: during a presidential election season, as the nation  suffers from the disapointing  Supreme Court decision on the constitutionality of Obamacare. On top of that, we have HHS’s hotly contested attempt to force all enterprises it deems non-religious (including religiously sponsored charities and schools that offer services to people of all faiths) to insure a range of “health” expenses, such as birth control and sterilization, that violate their beliefs. Read more…

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