Beirut Pope

This look at Pope Benedict’s visit to Lebanon by John Allen offers keen insights into what’s at stake.

Even before the deaths of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans in Libya on Tuesday, Pope Benedict XVI’s Sept. 14-16 trip to Lebanon shaped up as a high wire act. The pontiff will have to navigate Lebanon’s complex inter-faith mix, against the backdrop of what amounts to civil war in neighboring Syria. Read more…

One comment on “Beirut Pope

  1. Anthony Bennett says:

    Dear Tom,

    Thanks for sharing that link. I will certainly be praying for the Pope’s trip, that it have a positive effect in the larger region.

    As you may or may not know, I’ve fairly recently acquired a fascination with the origins of Christianity (especially how the gifts of the Holy Spirit were manifested among the early Christians) and the Church Fathers (which in turn has fueled a deeper love of the Eastern Church).

    I practically inhaled B16’s two books on the Church Fathers — and was amazed and deeply saddened that so many of them came from now-Muslim-majority countries like Syria (including St Ephrem, who freakin’ wrote homilies in verse — how awesome is that?). Further tying that with reading “Journey Back to Eden: My Life and Times Among the Desert Fathers” and watching films like “Of Gods and Men” (specifically the beginning of the film), it really leaves me longing for a world in which there is a peaceful coexistence of Christians and Muslims, instead of the persecution and suppression of Christianity we see so frequently — not to say increasingly — in the Middle East. This, especially, is my prayer for the Pope’s trip.

    I apologize if that came across as rambling. I’ve kinda been geeking out on these things lately, so it’s hard to put it together into a short, cohesive comment. 🙂

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