Using Religion

I highly encourage all to carefully listen to the political candidates’ use of religious rhetoric over the next weeks leading up to the election. Look especially for the ways religious language is used to support and criticize political platforms, and how that ‘use’ may not only be intended to shore up a candidate’s voter base but also to (re)shape a religious tradition itself by offering a unique ‘mater narrative’ the candidate hopes practitioners will internalize, e.g. your religion is compatible with ‘our’ version of tolerance, individual responsibility, care for poor, family, marriage, justice.

Whether or not the assertions made are considered accurate, it’s just really important to listen to all political God-talk with a critical ear, discern its political usefulness to the candidate, and pick out what ‘story’ is being told. Ask, ‘Is that our script, or are we being re-written?’

Here’s a recent instance of politically loaded-words blending with a religious feast:

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