Guard me, O Lord

A simple post for today’s feast of the Guardian Angels.

Angels are non-bodily persons, with intellect and will, created by God (according to Tradition) prior to the creation of the material cosmos. Each angel, because it was created ex nihilo, ‘out of nothing,’ is its own species, though the angels were created with certain unique missions that define them as groups (i.e. the 9 choirs). They are brilliant, powerful according to their ‘rank’ in the hierarchical choir and, except for the rebel angels who fell, ceaselessly behold God’s unveiled presence.

It is a core spiritual truth that to grow in the life of grace we must frequently engage the angels in prayer and supplication.

Our guardian angel’s entire mission is us, each of us individually from conception to death. So, constantly avail yourself of your angel’s friendship, and his ability ‘to light, to guard, to rule and guide.’ And if you are a parent, your child’s angel is your best au pair.

For more fun facts, see Kreeft’s book.

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