The Most Low God

A Scripture scholar I know wrote an essay on conceptions of messianic kingship in Luke’s Gospel. At the very end of his essay, he says this: Thus, the lowly are lifted up, not by joining a conquering king, but as a conquering king joins them.

Now is that not stupendous?

It reminded me of a piece of advice Sr. Manorama gave me in 1991 while I was working at a Missionary of Charity hospice: “Tom, if you want to have influence in these men’s lives, they need to know that you are their equal, not their superior; and to do that you must look at them eye to eye. You must raise yourself to their heights and not, as we usually think of it, lower ourselves to their depths. For Jesus, poverty is wealth, service is leadership, powerlessness is power, low is high.”

In other words, in the eternal Kingdom of the omnipotent God, amor vincit omnia, ‘love conquers all.’

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