Proposing a Cultural Revolution

I am following the Synod in Rome closely, and the texts coming out of it are rich fare.  Here is an intervention by Archbishop Rino Fisichella that especially caught my eye for its eloquent articulation of the evangelical power of selfless love:

At the Lord’s word, we have learnt to insist upon that which the world rejects, which it considers useless or largely inefficient. The person who is chronically ill, the dying, the marginalised, the disabled and many others who, in the eyes of the world, express the lack of a future and lack of hope, find in the Christian one who is committed to them. We have many examples which recall in a powerful way the sanctity of men and women who have made of this programme the concrete proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and, with that, the beginning of an authentic cultural revolution. In the face of this holiness, every possibility of excuse collapses; incredulity gives way to credibility and the passion for truth and liberty finds a synthesis in the love which is offered without asking anything in return. From this perspective, too, the sign of voluntary work finds its place as a truly Christian proclamation on the part of those who are able to relativise every absolute which does not take the dignity of the person into serious consideration. In an age where everything seems to be possible just because it can be bought, we must increase the signs by which it can be shown that love and solidarity have no other price than commitment and personal sacrifice. This witness demonstrates that personal life comes to its full realisation only when it is placed in the perspective of gratuitousness.

The culture of death will not be overcome primarily by means of litigious craft, angry editorializing or political savvy, but by selfless saints who proffer a new culture rising out of a new humanity flowing from wounded Body of the Risen Christ, who alone ‘makes all things new.’

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