Wind chills and Saints

Reflecting on our first 6 months in New Orleans, I have noted several major differences between this city and Des Moines, from whence we came.

Our kids have noted these curiosities: the accent (which, actually in many ways sounds like a New Yawk accent), the insanely ubiquitous Saints football team, the ubiquitous “Mary Statues” in yards and in local businesses, and that adults often call other adults, “babe.”

For me, two recent events highlighted the difference.

1. I was talking to someone about a High School football game in the area, and the person said: “The parents at Rummel are faithful fans. They even braved a 40 degree wind chill.”

A 40 degree wind chill.

2. I was working our parish festival in October (too fun!), and the Saints were playing the Falcons. They had wide screen TVs everywhere showing the game, but I could not see anything as the TVs were too far from the pizza bar I was manning. But I knew the game was over, and the Saints had won, when suddenly the music playing stopped and everyone — hundreds of people — started singing in perfect unison (as if on cue) this song:

I said to myself: We’re not in Iowa anymore.

8 comments on “Wind chills and Saints

  1. Judy Svendsen says:

    I miss New Orleans!! I remember everything you mentioned!! Merry Christmas!!

  2. Bnadit12! says:

    Yes, those crazy N.O. Saint fans—-my sister and her hubby are two of them! 🙂 Merry Christmas to you guys! Maybe we’ll swing down your way (and back up) on our way to Jackson, MS in the spring for our nephew’s first Communion. We hated to miss a “Neal siting” in Tallahassee this month—but we were quite swamped with Christmas Connection! Peace and God’s best blessings to you! (Please say, Hello to the Sacassa’s for us!)

  3. Whimsy says:

    Merry Christmas from Iowa! Baby Jesus gave the awayschoolers two extra days of Christmas break, this year. And all I could think of was the fermenting gym clothes that were never taken home to be washed. . .

  4. Theresa says:

    We got more snow in one day than we did in two months last year! It was great! We didn’t have to dream of a white Christmas this time. God bless your Christmas time.

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