By George, Not Same-Sex Marriage

Cardinal George has taken it upon himself, even in his illness, to be the “public intellectual” in the public square on behalf of the Catholic tradition in response to the rapid sprint our legal culture is making toward enshrining same-sex marriage as a permanent fixture within American civil law. He laid out his case in two exceptional books — The Difference God Makes and God in Action — but here offers a nice summary of points relevant to the present crisis. Here he engages in subtle, careful reasoning, which is something Americans (in my experience) don’t find as persuasive as brief, hard-hitting, personal story-laden, gut-stirring arguments clustered around highly-charged words that begin with the prefix “anti” or end with the suffix “phobia.” But I think George does a nice job trying to wed the two approaches. See what you think:

At the beginning of the New Year, 2013, a law is being proposed in the General Assembly to change the legal definition of marriage in Illinois to accommodate those of the same sex who wish to “marry” one another.  In this discussion, the Church will be portrayed as “anti-gay,” which is a difficult position to be in, particularly when families and the Church herself love those of their members who are same-sex oriented.  What’s at stake in this legislative proposal and in the Church’s teaching on marriage? Read more…

3 comments on “By George, Not Same-Sex Marriage

  1. […] Cardinal George has taken it upon himself, even in his illness, to be the “public intellectual” in the public square on behalf of the Catholic tradition in response to the Source: Neal Obstat Theological Opining   […]

  2. WhoopieCushion says:

    Magnificent! Love his stuff! As far as the Church’s mission is concerned, related to his comments about justice, inclusiveness, etc–I think that the major task of the Church’s mission is to re-ground these categories in their pain-full glory captured in Sacred Scripture and Tradition so as to have a mature sacramental and pastoral praxis of being lead in the Spirit to face nature’s pain with the grace of the Cross to arrive at the hope of the resurrection (cf. Phil 3.10). Otherwise we will continue to, either in hetero or homosexual perversions, to “abstract” from nature because it’s demands are daunting and go toward escapes and justifications of various kinds (ie. legal and otherwise). I think a more public consciousness in the Church of heterosexuals needs for adequate sexual formation in the truth is foundational for anyting significant to happen in the area of our brothers and sisters facing SSA.

    • Very fine, Whoopie. I especially think an organic and integrated approach to sexuality in the Church that sees the tragic reality of sin’s wound present in *all* humanity will be more fruitful than either the isolation of SSA as a sui generis perversion of nature or the exaltation of SSA as a mere ethical variant in God-willed human nature. Especially the recovery of the tragic nature of human life in a fallen world that cannot be undone by the mere *fiat* of tragic characters — a recovery that, as you say, must be joined to the paschal mystery to give birth to a divine comedy. But we servants of the Church do not risk getting our hands dirty in serving those who feel mired in the ambiguities of this life, those who reject Christ because we concealed him will judge us on the Last Day. Kyrie eleison!

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