Our Misérables Pope: miserando atque eligendo

As I have been prayerfully reflecting on Pope Francis’ expressed wish to see a “poor Church and a Church for the poor,” I had a flash insight Sunday morning that connected his aspirations with the Gospel-like vision of poverty and redemption found in the musical, Les Misérables.

In fact, you might say that Les Mis offers a sort of dramatic and redemptive theology of poverty steeped in mercy that addresses socio-economic injustice, the role of virtue in genuine reform and the power of evangelical poverty in those chosen by God to bring Jesus’ glad tidings to the poor. I think here especially of the Christ-figure that the Bishop was in the musical/movie, and even of the more striking resemblance between Pope Francis’ style and that of the historical bishop [N.B. maroon words are always hyperlinked] that stood behind the Les Mis character. (See also this clip on the Bishop)

If you get to watch the movie again, see if you also can perceive in it a dramatized “Franciscan” program for ecclesial reform and evangelizing fire in a Church whose load has been lightened and whose face by Christ’s has been brightened.

Or, just maybe, you will see that I have too much time on my hands to even think of such things.

In any event, any viewing of Les Mis can only leave you enriched.

One comment on “Our Misérables Pope: miserando atque eligendo

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