Graves for the Unborn

I am really planning to finish out this break from my blogging, but yet again there is a specific event that has spurred me to write: a stupendous article in our New Orleans Catholic newspaper on a soon-to-open Planned Parenthood abortion facility in NOLA:

Though I have spent quite a few nights at a Holiday Inn Express in my lifetime, I am not a theologian.

I am a husband and father. I know a few things about family and faith. I think I have a decent grasp of the English language. I have a fair acquaintance with Scripture, although I should know more. I like to regard myself as someone with common sense and a cradle Catholic’s appreciation of right and wrong.

But on a rainy, shrouded May 22, dozens of people gathered inside First Unitarian Universalist Church on South Claiborne Avenue and talked about truth, beauty and life. Read more…

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