Mysterious priest

Excuse my 2nd blog intrusion today, but I had to share…

Whether this “priest” was an earthly priest of Jesus, an angel sent by Jesus, or Jesus himself, this story stirred in me fresh gratitude for the angelic ministry of all priests who are daily sent as flesh-and-blood icons of God’s mercy in our world, and who bring into the midst of our human wreckage and chaos the peaceful presence of the mysterious priest, God-with-us, Jesus.

So today in a special way for all of you priests out there who daily give your lives pro multis, “for many”, I give thanks to God!

Watch this if you haven’t yet seen it:

7 comments on “Mysterious priest

  1. Feel free to interject the mysterious priest into the framework of the day. Perhaps, this is a fitting conclusion to the previous blog – as we are never truly alone – even when we feel the loneliness?

  2. Jeane Bishop says:

    What day did this happen?
    If it was Tuesday, I have a sneaking suspicion…..
    God Bless,

  3. Judy Svendsen says:

    Abby posted this on her facebook page today. Sorry we missed you! I will shoot you an email later this weekend.

    Have a Blessed weekend!

  4. jeane bishop says:

    I meant to say Wednesday……

  5. jeane bishop says:

    Only one miracle to go……:-)

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