Eating, Drinking Fire

I received permission from a Catholic woman I know to post her poem on the Holy Mass. It over-spills with her passionate and fiery love for God, which I have found nearly unmatched in my life experience. I am grateful I get to let others share in such beauty…


I reflect with awe that the

omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent God—

within the vastness of all humanity

would humbly condescend to acknowledge me.

Every prayer every spoken word of the liturgy

stirs up within me

the most intimate crescendo of

ecstatic love the very body and blood of the

Lover of my soul.

Here is where heaven meets earth as the Host and

the Wine are assimilated within; he in me and I

in him.

In that sacred moment we are uniquely one and I

am elevated above the mass of humanity as a

precious Loved One!

I am reminded of the Good Shepherd who left the

ninety nine sheep to lovingly search for the one.

How vast how deep how wide his love for each

one of us. I am calibrated to the plum line of that

most sacrificial love and in that moment I am

finely tuned in harmony with His perfect Will.

Commissioned I am ready to go out and

love and serve our Lord—only then can we hold in

mesmerizing love and devotion each image bearer of

God, seizing each moment we have as if to hold

them for all eternity.

4 comments on “Eating, Drinking Fire

  1. sobeskifam7 says:


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  2. WoopieCushion says:

    I thank this beloved child of God for stirring faith, hope, and love again in me this day!

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