Imperishable wonder

Another Pope Francis moment here.

I cannot help but quote Pope Francis’ recent speech to the youth of Sardinia. It’s a message every weary laborer in the Church needs to hear, every person who has long labored in the heat of the sun that beats down on the Lord’s Vineyard. It’s a cry to never lose childlike wonder in a cynical world grown old in sin. It’s a call to — oh, how simplistic it seems! — just trust Jesus.

But in that simplistic phrase is the mystic secret to imperishable wonder.

Here’s my favorite excerpt:

Dear young Sardinians, the third thing I want to tell you, and in this way I am answering the other two questions, is that you too are called to become “fishers of men”. Don’t hesitate to spend your life witnessing joyfully to the Gospel, especially among your peers. I want to tell you of a personal experience. Yesterday I celebrated the 60th anniversary of the day when I heard Jesus’ voice in my heart. I am not telling you this so that you will make me a cake here, no, that is not why I’m saying it. However, it is a commemoration: 60 years since that day. I will never forget it. The Lord made me strongly aware that I should take that path. I was 17 years old. Several years passed before this decision, this invitation became concrete and definitive. So many years have gone by, with some successes and joys but so many years with failures, frailties, sin… 60 years on the Lord’s road, behind him, beside him, always with him. I only tell you this: I have no regrets! I have no regrets! Why? Because I feel like Tarzan and I feel strong enough to go ahead? No, I have not regretted it because always, even at the darkest moments, the moments of sin and moments of frailty, moments of failure, I have looked at Jesus and trusted in him and he has not deserted me. Trust in Jesus: he always keeps on going, he goes with us! However, listen, he never let us down. He is faithful, he is a faithful companion. Think, this is my witness: I am glad about these 60 years with the Lord.

4 comments on “Imperishable wonder

  1. Jeane Bishop says:

    “Don’t hesitate to spend your life witnessing joyfully to the Gospel”….reminds me of comments made by our beloved Fr. Bob before his death. He had no regrets. So glad we are living among these beautifully strong and joyful “sinners”! God is good, all the time.
    PS And, of course, I’m referring to the way our new pope identified himself in “the interview” 🙂

  2. WoopieCushion says:

    I wanna be that kid with the beard

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