When I was studying for a year at the University of Hartford at the Center for Judaic Studies, I took a class on the Talmud along with an older woman who was United Methodist. We used to talk after class quite a bit, and one time I asked her what her thoughts were on the various feminist critiques of Christianity. She had an uneven appreciation of its main critical thrust, but among the many things she said, one thing especially struck me:

One thing I’ll say, if every woman had a father like mine, none would resent Jesus’ preference for calling God Father…and for those women who’ve had bad fathers, I always say to them that to jettison God’s fatherhood is to lose that aspect of Christian theology that is most able to redeem what was for them deformed. If to see Jesus is to see the Father [Jn. 14:9], what’s there not to love?

When recently my wife showed me the very popular video I include below, I thought — that’s exactly what this woman’s description of her dad looked like in my imagination when she described him to me.

Certainly every woman who enters the presence of the heavenly Father in the next world will find nothing less that this: a Father-daughter encounter full of unhindered love, arm-raising joy and playful freedom.

You have to click on my Blog to see the embedded video:

5 comments on “Abba!

  1. WoopieCushion says:

    MORE BA-BIES! MORE BA-BIES! DADDY!!!!! Elvis, pray for us!

  2. Jeane says:

    The seventh anniversary of my dear earthly father’s death is less than a week away. I’ll be sharing this previous video with my seven siblings. Like your friend from the class that you mentioned above, we were/are blessed to have an awesome Daddy. Thanks for sharing this, Tom and Patti.

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