God, why can’t I see you?

If you’ve ever asked a form of the question, “Why does God seem to hide?” this brief (5 minute) snippet of a Peter Kreeft lecture (referenced on StrangeNotions) is well worth your time. Really, anything Kreeft says or does is worth your time. It’s embedded in my post, so you have to visit NealObstat to see it here:

4 comments on “God, why can’t I see you?

  1. WoopieCushion says:

    What a saintly nerd. Multiply him O Lord thru the prayers of St. Catherine of Alexandria! So deep so, so funny. Self-forgeting Love of the Trinity oh my! All that’s worth seeing is in the Beloved.

  2. Victorious Love says:

    The word “hidden”and “seek” speaks into the inner chambers of my heart.
    Oh Sweet Jesus, whom I ardently seek. Remain hidden in me while keeping me deeply hidden in you.

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