Nativity Story

A friend sent me this Coca Cola ad. It’s really extraordinary as a celebration of marriage and family life.

Before you read my brief comments on it, watch it here:

I love the humorous realism of the “stages” from infancy to toddler, but above all else, hands down, it’s the look on the husband’s face when he sees the second positive pregnancy test that knocks you down. And then the couple’s spontaneous embrace of joy that quickly sweeps the first child into its whirl makes it all complete.

That paternal face, maternal face and marital embrace are a trinitarian sacrament of the universal and God-given right that every child has to be received thus on coming into existence in the womb. May our Church witness to that joy in this holy season celebrating a God who’s human life in the womb of the Virgin was received with joy, even amid fearful circumstances, by Joseph and Mary. Gaudete!

I’ll leave you with this lovely music video to that effect:

6 comments on “Nativity Story

  1. Pat Beckett says:

    Thanks, Tom. Both videos made me cry…in a good way!

  2. Rosary Maker says:

    Coca-Cola – Unlock Happiness!

  3. Barbara Becker says:

    Thanks honey, made me cry too. Happy tears. I love you.

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