I had the blessing of being allowed to speak about Our Lady three years ago at St Francis of Assisi’s catechist in-service in West Des Moines, Iowa. In my preparations I came across a reflection I wrote in 1994 on my relationship to Mary. Imma is the Aramaic companion to Abba and means something like “Mama.”  I also include below the poem a beautiful song of Mary. At the risk of over-exposing you to my quasi-poetical stuff, here it goes…

O Imma

You, O Living Cup,
fashioned secret
of purest Eden clay,
drenched low in mercy’s rain,
sparkling with an eternally-Begotten Day.
Your soulful, joying flesh
doth magnify the Immense,
embracing Limitless Life,
rendering Infinity itty, too small to see,
echoing “Let there be light”
by your fearless “Let it be.”
You, O Dawn, birthed the Sun,
He who slays our blackened night,
and through your womb, All-Graced,
fills the earth with hope’s delight —
for seeing your heart so ready
God stooped low and smiled,
wrapped Himself in earthenware
and donned the frame of a helpless child.
Pray for us, O Shrine,
or rather I should say
teach us now to pray,
for you alone
O Sweet Mary
knew him so near,
swept tenderly his needful tear;
so now whisper so softly in my ear
what I am to do or speak,
for you as no other,
to God, O Mother,
could dare ever say:
‘Son, my son, listen:
this is how you pray.’
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2 comments on “Imma

  1. whimsy says:

    “Imma” is also the nickname of our daughter, Immaculata.

  2. WoopieCushion says:


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