Cross-eyed beauty

Maclay Gardens pond
Tallahassee, Florida

On a personal note…

My oldest daughter loves to draw, and probably produces a new sketch every day. I collect them, and her sister’s art, and in ~6 month intervals bind them together into a “book” at Target copy. It’s become a ritual. We have 15 volumes and one day they will have their own personal art history collection. I started doing this after a seasoned father once told me after my first son was born, “One the best gifts you can give your kids is good memories to hold on to.” Among the countless ideas this simple phrase has given my wife and I, this is the one that gives me special joy.

So, for fun, I thought I’d share with you the sketch she gave me last night (don’t tell her!). Oh, and wile I’m at it, indulge me to share (again) my fav story of her:

One time, when we lived in Tallahassee, I took the kids to walk through Maclay Gardens. As we approached the concrete pond they loved to explore (it was often filled with tadpoles), I was sternly warning them again and again to not go too near the algae-slicked edge of the water for fear they’d slip in. After maybe four or five warnings, I myself suddenly slipped into the pond up to my waist. Maria, then six years old, said without missing a beat,

Thanks for the demo, Dad.

Which reminds me of witty Chesterton-esque quote I heard two summers ago in a Sunday homily in Omaha, Nebraska:

No one is ever a complete failure. At the very least you can serve as a bad example.


8 comments on “Cross-eyed beauty

  1. Sherri Paris says:

    Love it! πŸ™‚ Blessings….

  2. amyjot says:

    You have an artist on your hands…hilarious “pond” story!

  3. oneview says:

    Artistic talent of all sorts obviously runs in your family! I love the making memories advice, too. We have volumes of “published” artwork and writing from our eight years of homeschooling. Every once in awhile the kids get nostalgic about our famiy’s “good old homeschooling days” and sit down to look through them all. I’m sure their own children will enjoy them, too πŸ™‚

  4. Lisa Schmidt says:

    Oh this post makes me smile. I didn’t get to know your daughters well, but every time I saw them, they, too, made me smile. My five-year-old was sitting in front of a San Damiano crucifix earlier today, white board and dry erase marker in hand, free-hand drawing a rather spot-on replication of the image that sat before her. Time to get a sketch book so we can capture her masterpieces as well. Thanks for the lovely idea!

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