Papa Valentino

I could not help but break my blog-fast just today to share this quote from Pope Francis (see below), rendered from Italian into English by a friend. Just this morning he gave his advice on how to have a happy marriage before thousands of young engaged couples at a first-time-ever St. Valentine’s meeting in St. Peter’s square (see CNN story here).

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

In this journey, prayer is always important, always necessary. He must pray for her, and she must pray for him, and they must pray together. Ask Jesus to multiply your love. In the prayer of the Our Father we say: “Give us this day our daily bread”. Spouses can also learn to pray in this way: “Lord, give us today our daily love”, because the daily love of spouses is the bread, the true bread of the soul, which sustains us in order to go forward…
…This daily journey has rules that can be summarized in these three phrases, phrases that I have repeated many times to families: please – or ‘may I’…thank you, and forgive me…
…Marriage is also an everyday job, I could say the work of an artisan, the work of a goldsmith, because the husband has the job of making his wife more of a woman and the wife has the job of making her husband more of a man. To grow in humanity as well, as a man and as a woman. And this is done between you. This is called growing together. It doesn’t come from thin air! The Lord blesses it, but it comes from your hands, from your behavior, your way of living, your way of loving. Make it grow! Act always so that the other grows. Work for this. And thus…I see that one day you will be walking along the street in your town and people will say: “But look at her, what a beautiful woman, how strong!…”. “With the husband she has, you understand why!”. And to you: “Look at him, how he is!…”. “With the wife he has, you understand why!” It is this, to arrive at this point: to act so as to grow together. And your children will have the inheritance of such a father and a mother who have grown together, making – one another – more man and more woman!…

Preach it Papa Francesco!

8 comments on “Papa Valentino

  1. Pat Beckett says:

    Amen! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Patty!

  2. Victorious Love says:

    Our Papa Francisco is amazing! He expresses the inner life of marriage with such beautiful simplicity.
    Oh tender Jesus, give us the grace to to be docile to the artisan love of our spouses… shaping and forming us into who you have created us to be!

  3. amyansaturday says:

    i’ve missed your posts! A breath of fresh air!

  4. Fr. david o. Etyang says:

    Great, Grace builds on nature. So Papa is so genuine, redefining the true meaning of love.

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