Red State, Blue State?

You absolutely have to look at this “cartography of the 7 deadly sins.” It’s based on the mapping of various types of demographic data (i.e. # of violent crimes, thefts, etc) and offers a color coded look at the distribution of sin-related behaviors.

My pix above contrast Iowa and New Orleans. You see, it appears that our moving from Iowa to SE Louisiana, according to the demographic data, should put an extra “oomph” into our praying, “lead us not into temptation”! I wonder if during the 58 days of Mardi Gras this year the red got even darker.

On the flip side, it appears from these maps that we should be getting a big batch of canonized saints from Iowa soon. The man in the photo appears to have already been canonized.


Geographers from Kansas State University have created a map of the spatial distribution of the Seven Deadly Sins across the United States. How? By mapping demographic data related to each of the Sins.

Below are screenshots of the maps in standard deviation units; red naturally is more sinful, blue less sinful.

Click here to see!

10 comments on “Red State, Blue State?

  1. Ben Patterson says:

    I like the guy drinking with no arms- that takes talent.

  2. Rosary Maker says:

    Can’t really predict Florida – we are still counting the votes.

  3. Anthony says:

    I really did look hard for you in that photo before I realized you were kidding. Hahahaha! 😀

  4. Douglas Norton says:

    The idea of this was really interesting; however, the execution is questionable.

    (1) Gluttony is measured by fast food restaurants per capita but could have been measured by BMI or by the number of fine dining locations per capita (sumptuousness is akin to gluttony, right?).

    (2) Is envy really about burglaries? Perhaps envy could be better captured with sentiments about inequality (netting out the portion of the attitude that comes from inequality of opportunity)?

    (3) I’m not sure how one should measure greed but perhaps it could be measured using average annual giving as a fraction of average income.

    I could go on. I really liked the idea and think that this could really tell us something about the culture that we’re in and how it makes it more/less easy for us to fall into these sins.

  5. George & Cathy Streff says:

    Hi Tom, my wife and I live in ” big red FL”. We are trying to change the tone.

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