After the last three posts, I think I will take (give you) a breather.

Sometimes, believe it or not, I run out of words. And one thing I have learned from others’ example is that when you do run out, don’t fake it.

Also, Pythagoras said that it was requisite either to be silent or to say something better than silence.

But, sed contra, the saints’ voices are are never silent:

The key to all Divine gifts is given to the heart by love of neighbor, and, in proportion to the heart’s freedom from the selfish bonds of the flesh, the door of knowledge begins to open before it. — St. Isaac of Syria

Well, that’s enough said for today about how I will not speak.

2 comments on “Gasp

  1. Dismas Dancing says:

    When I was a young smart-alec Captain in the Corps, I quite often offered myself every opportunity to opine about nearly everything, whether I was qualified to offer comment or not. Upon hearing an afternoon of excessive bloviating from me about a subject so near and dear to me that I have forgotten it, a friend and mentor later pulled me aside and offered me a piece of advice I have never forgotten:

    “You know, my friend, some times it is better to keep your mouth shut and let folks think you’re stupid than to open your mouth and prove it.”

    He left me speechless; but I have never forgotten his advice, often passing it on for its inherent practical wisdom. That is not at all a left-handed slap at you for your posts. I submit that those of us who follow you consume your words of wisdom with great joy and anticipation, archiving them in special places for future reference/consideration. My point is simply that your Shakespearian post today, even in its honest brevity, gave me reason to laugh as it reminds me of my own predilection toward believing that “more is always better.” Perhaps my post(s) would be far more effective if I started from the top and left it as:

    “Great post, brother! Nuff said. God bless you. DD sends!”

    I’m still laughing at myself! Thanks. I needed that.

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