Attemped humor

I ask you to suffer my sublime-ridiculous humor for a moment today, and then take a quiet moment to feel profound compassion for my wife and children. One of my colleagues at work, when I shared this with her, said, “Ah, theologian humor.”

She wasn’t smiling.

So, if you still are interested you have to be on my Blog site to view this.

First, the sublime.

Years ago, I worked with a professor whose specialization was Sufi mysticism in Islam (especially that brilliant 13th century author, Ibn ʿArabī), since I was very interested in how the Sufi writings circulating in Reconquista Spain had influenced the thought of St. John of the Cross.  In short, they undoubtedly had. In particular, I was interested in the Sufi concept of fana, or the “annihilation” of the soul as it enters into union with the absolute Unity (tawhid) of Allāh. For St. John, the word annihilation also referred to the experience of the soul uniting with God. Not just “God in general,” but with God in Christ at the moment of His death on the cross. To be deified, for St. John, one first had to die on the cross with Christ.

Now, to the ridiculous.

For his birthday one year, I found this awesome Star Trek “talking card” to give him. The joke on the card was about his age, but I changed the words on the front to read: Analysis, Spock: What is the ultimate end of the Sufi Way?  Opening the card, he would have heard this (turn your volume up):

6 comments on “Attemped humor

  1. Laura T. says:

    That made me laugh. I think I heard my husband chuckle, too.

  2. Ona says:

    Brilliant. My husband – when I roll my eyes at his goofball humor or pranks – always says “But you’ll miss me when I’m gone!” It’s true. (Assuming it doesn’t work out the other way ’round.) 😀

  3. Victorious Love says:

    This is fantastic!! I have great appreciation for your maddening humor that is rather ingenious.
    It’s a gift to connect the sublime with the ridiculous. Thank you!!! 😄

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