God’s Art

This video is absolutely brilliant. Only 4 minutes. If this is an emailed post, click on the post title above and go to my Blog site to watch:

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15 comments on “God’s Art

  1. oneview says:

    Totally agree with the category where you placed this post 🙂

  2. WoopieCushion says:

    I want that guy’s shirt!
    St. JPII in Fides et Ratio:
    89. No less dangerous is “pragmatism,” an attitude of mind which, in making its choices, precludes theoretical considerations or judgments based on ethical principles. The practical consequences of this mode of thinking are significant. In particular there is growing support for a concept of democracy which is not grounded upon any reference to unchanging values: whether or not a line of action is admissible is decided by the vote of a parliamentary majority. (105) The consequences of this are clear: in practice, the great moral decisions of humanity are subordinated to decisions taken one after another by institutional agencies. Moreover, anthropology itself is severely compromised by a one-dimensional vision of the human being, a vision which excludes the great ethical dilemmas and the existential analyses of the meaning of suffering and sacrifice, of life and death.

    AND being useless (my addition)

  3. Victorious Love says:

    This brigs to mind….”Such a creation is flamboyant in its beauty, as the Word of God, glancing kindly but wildly, scatters a thousand graces and floods the cosmos with traces of who he is.” Fr. Iain Matthew
    The Imapct of God

    Oh to be useless in gratuitous wonder before the face of God. May it be so!

  4. Pat Beckett says:

    Awesome – and a perfect description of what contemplative prayer is all about.

  5. Dismas Dancing says:

    Beautiful, especially in view of some really “rad” stuff spewed by atheist Steven Fry that I happened upon while on the internet a few days ago. Unfortunately, I have yet to arrive at the point of beauty that “total” abandonment to God surely brings. Thanks for sharing this post on the real beauty of Our Creator’s “art”.

  6. bennettureta says:

    That. Was. Fantastic. Thank you for sharing, Tom!

  7. Lori says:

    This is a fabulous 4 min video. Big blessings!!

    Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE DROID

    Neal Obst

  8. Ben Patterson says:

    Really like it!

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