Let the Word speak for Himself

Kari Jobe. Taken from charismanews.com

Before I share my thought for today, I just want to express my apologies for so many typos and grammar missteps in my posts. When I see them post-factum, it’s a wonderful ego-mortification. I usually write my posts betwixt and between things in my life — on a break between meetings, in a quiet moment before I leave from work to go home — and don’t always get a second chance to edit them. Some day, maybe, circumstances will afford me the chance to spend more time in my life writing. It seems God prefers that this goal be always just out of reach, probably because He knows I like writing a bit too much. But for now, I am grateful you read my tattered micro-burst insights. Okay, now to the thought…

Yesterday I was listening to one of the few Christian pop singers I like, Kari Jobe (my fav song of hers here), and in the middle of her song “Forever” a man got up and prayerfully proclaimed a hip hop-like poem that mesmerized me. It reminded me of yesterday’s “Mystery” post, full of the wonderful tensions of poetic paradox that, in the face of Mystery, supersede the usual precedence of logical prose. Click here.

6 comments on “Let the Word speak for Himself

  1. Victorious Love says:

    Your “tattered microburst thoughts” are always a welcomed blessing! Thank you for sharing your thoughts as they are 😄

  2. numberone sinner says:

    When one of our future priests misspells our lords name I’ll know one of his teachers name
    Remember J ways is watching you.

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