Retreating again from blogging

I am again leaving to give a retreat this week, so I will enter into blog silence until the following Monday, March 9th. Kindly pray for those attending, and for me, that the Spirit will us me, as Bl. Teresa says so well, and not consult me.

I will leave you with three thoughts.

One is a fabulous paraphrase of Matthew 6:34 passed on to me by a personal mentor of mine. She knows I can stress over stuff.

Worrying about what you know is already a vice, but worrying about what you don’t know makes it twice!

She’s a character and a fountain of moral proverbs. Proverbial wisdom is something, she says, younger people have lost which “is a real shame” and which makes them “dummies,” i.e. all the poorer for not knowing them by heart.

Two, here’s some creative evangelizing:

Three, a thought on Judgment Day:

8 comments on “Retreating again from blogging

  1. Ben says:

    Looking forward to seeing you Tom!

  2. Ona says:

    Have a wonderful retreat.

  3. Lisa Schmidt says:

    That billboard photo is simply perfect! 🙂 Happy retreating!

  4. Judy Svendsen says:

    Have a great retreat!!

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