Nocturnal Sunglasses and Adrenaline Engines

I know, I said I’d start tomorrow, but…my daughters have been making music that simply cannot be hidden under a bushel basket! First, my elder daughter (in the hat) remakes an 80’s song with her friend. She says “it’s a rough cut,” but I like frayed edges. Second, my younger daughter plays the foot tapping Adrenaline Engines (by Randall D. Standridge) in her symphonic band, keeping time with her percussive bells. It’s a phone recorded video, so excuse the fuzzy visuals.

Thanks for indulging me:

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15 comments on “Nocturnal Sunglasses and Adrenaline Engines

  1. number one,two, and three sinner. says:

    Quite impressive for a flip phone junkie. Welcome back we’ve missed you Dr. k.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Both great performances!

  3. Victorious Love says:

    Thank you for sharing the creativity of your daughters. 😊 It’s always a joy!

  4. dryan2015 says:

    Proud papa: talented daughters!

  5. number one sinner says:

    As I lay in repose on my bed propped up by numerous fluffs and pillows ,well past my bedtime , I reveled in the return of two of my three sons from a west coast field trip. Their adventures, of which their were many,are for another time. The pride l felt,,,they had never travelled outside of Florida……brought tears to my wife’s eyes. I don’t cry……. you know- the man thing. I know the joyfully pride you feel . Any parent who has the TRINITY for their compass and uses the rudder of obedience to steer our children along the course of truth,well we who are blessed to be a part of you pattys and the kids lives can only say thank you most holy one for their witness of joy and love and beautiful music . Maria nice hat , you belong in the movie fiddler on the roof-ask mom and dad. Peace love and joy to all.

    Dismas D. I never told you my joy at your sons return -tears. Tears. TEARS OF SUCH JOY you were right Saint Monica was doing cartwheels in heaven. Oh how wonderful is our GOD.

  6. WoopieCushion says:

    Very refreshing. Thank you Lord for good talents used wisely.

  7. Victorious' husband says:

    Awesome performances, but I didn’t think the flip phone had that much power to capture these events in such digital blue ray quality. 😆

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