Re-post 2013

I love St. Thérèse!

Let me share with you a quote from her autobiography, followed by an adorable video of Ella Mae and her Daddy that — for me — captures the spirit of Thérèse’s love for God the Father.

It is needful to remain little before God and to remain little is to recognize one’s nothingness, expect all things from the good God just as a little child expects all things from its father; it is not to be troubled by anything, not to try to make a fortune. Even among poor people, a child is given all it needs, as long as it is very little, but as soon as it has grown up, the father does not want to support it any longer and says: “Work, now you are able to take care of yourself”. Because I never want to hear these words I do not want to grow up, feeling that I can never earn my living, that is, eternal life in heaven. So I have stayed little, and have no other occupation than of gathering flowers of love and sacrifice and of offering them to the good God to please Him.

Okay, here’s Ella Mae:


4 comments on ““Daddy!”

  1. Sherri Paris says:

    First email, first massive smile on my face this morning! She was great. Thank so much! God bless your week, Tom. ;-))


  2. number 1,2 ,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,····· sinner says:

    How great thou art GOD, how truly great thou art. The innocence and joy in this babies actions and words ……WOW. Thank you Ella and more so you “DADDY”. THomas thank you for being such an unobstructed conduit to GODS beautiful creation both big and small P.B.W.Y.

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