I’m Yours

Of course, I never tire of sharing “Maria and Ashley” music videos, and today I have yet one more to share: their rendering of I’m Yours by Jason Mraz. My daughter Maria is the ukulele player. If you feel indulgent, please enjoy…

9 comments on “I’m Yours

  1. Ben says:

    Great stuff

  2. number one sinner. says:

    Proud Papa keep em coming . These are the young role models among many that change hearts . Thank you young ladies, keep on truckin. Oh ,and Maria I’m not offended but I will be sending Ashley a Boston Red Sox t shirt to AHEM compliment yours. Patti my dear, “J” called you a beautiful person yesterday , how true, how true.hugs from my family to yours. P.B.W.Y. always.

    P.S. Ben what are you doing up so early.

  3. WoopieCushion says:

    My favorite music videos.

  4. Marilyn Hammond says:

    I so remember the adorable little Maria with Patty at mass at Trinity – WOW! She is grown up and oh-so-talented like her Momma! Hugs to all the Neals!

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