All waves speak

Very simple post today. Spent an hour Saturday alone along the lake. Here’s 41 seconds of it for you:

After my jog I just sat on the rocks and listened to that sound. I took along a favorite article by Peter Kreeft on the sea. I’ve quoted it before. Every time I read it again — and I only read it when I am near a body of water — it means something new for me. Here’s my favorite part:

Waves are lips. Lips can kiss, or speak, or bite. Gentle little waves kiss the children who play in them. Larger waves kiss the surfers who ride them. Bigger waves than we can handle bite us. But what do they speak.

All waves speak, but they speak in tongues, and we can’t interpret their speech. That’s probably because it’s too simple, like God’s. Maybe all they’re saying is I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU until the end of time. Like God….

The sea is the perfect toy. It’s unbreakable and unloseable, always available and always alive. It plays and plays with you without ever getting tired or bored. It dances with you and wrestles with you and boxes with you and tosses you around. It’s just dangerous enough to be exciting. And you never have to put it away when you finish playing with it.

The surf can make us all children again in five seconds if only we let it. Think a truly radical thought: think what a revolution it would be if everyone on earth played in the surf once a week. How much depression and suicide and hatred and violence and resentment and anger and envy and boredom and addiction and wars and murders and plots and tyrannies would just go out like a candle in the water? The sea is a peacemaker. How can surfers be warmongers? How could anyone drenched with the wisdom of playwater ever come up with this brilliant idea, the idea that has moved so much of our history?—”Hey, it seems we’ve got problems. Let’s deal with them this way: let’s dress up in funny uniforms and go out and kill each other.”..

Deep down, we know our souls need something wild, something dangerous, something that makes us feel alive. The sea does that. It’s the last untamed place on earth.

4 comments on “All waves speak

  1. Louise says:

    Tom, this made me miss New Orleans and the Lake so much – Thanks

  2. nos says:

    “””It’s the last untamed place on earth”””… dearest Thomas my good Dochtah , you obviously have not seen my garden this year … If weeds were a cash crop I could feed the world… I was raised on a small jut of land in ma.called little neck it was right on the Atlantic ocean ,absolutely breathtaking.I’m with louise ,thanks for the memory jog… P.B.W.Y.A.A.

  3. Victorious Love says:

    It’s so true that the surf can make us all children’s again. Just yesterday I was at the beach standing on the edge where the sand and the water meet. I was feeling the fierce wind blowing against my body and watching the tumult waves of the ocean crashing hard against the ground. I watched our spiritual son dive into the waves unafraid and realized with in 2 seconds he was lost in the joy of being scooped up in the embrace of the ocean. I thought to myself the ocean is not tame nor do I ever want it to be tame. Nor is the Father’s love for us tame and I do not want His love to be tame. I’m finding out there is so much life and joy of being swept into the Father’s loving untamable embrace.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Ah, beautiful video, and beautiful reflection Victorious! Here our tidal rivers freeze so we get the rhythmic, ebbing and flowing, salty waves spring through autumn and snow-covered ice in winter… that is when I am really struck by the majesty…wandering out into the vast emptiness , walking on water in the biting cold air that stings your skin and robs your breath, trusting that the ice’s firmness will hold you even when the sound of snow crunching underfoot in amplified and fills you with thoughts of falling; feeling powerless and very small and completely confronted with His majesty! Oh and winter does a great job on killing back those pesky, overgrown weeds too, NOS 😉

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