Daylight’s End

A bit of an eclectic post today. My son has a friend in Iowa who plays the video game, League of Legends, which, I understand, is a “battle arena” game populated by mythological warriors. In any event, this friend shared with my son one of the new songs in the game that accompanies the “loading” of the mythic character named Diana, Scorn of the Moon. The song is based on poetic text called Daylight’s End, sung by classically trained Lisa Thorn. It is an ode to the pagan cult of the Moon that Diana sees herself as the herald and defender of against the majority cult of the Sun. It’s a haunting piece. I share it here only because of my fascination with its strange beauty, and because it — with my Christian imagination — seems it could just as easily be put into the mouth of Lucifer in the midst of the Passion, gloating as the light of the sun/Son is extinguished and night begins its ostensible triumph (cf Matt. 27:45). I include the song and then its poetic text below.

Ask not the sun why she sets
Why she shrouds her light away
Or why she hides her glowing gaze
When night turns crimson gold to grey

For silent falls the guilty sun
As day to dark does turn
One simple truth she dare not speak:
Her light can only blind and burn

No mercy for the guilty
Bring down their lying sun
Blood so silver black by night
Upon their faces pale white

Cruel moon, bring the end
The dawn will never rise again.

4 comments on “Daylight’s End

  1. nos says:

    I came across these lyrics that I like better than lucifers…

    Ask not why the SON lays silent
    Why HIS light seems oh so shrouded
    In the tomb where he now lays
    Going now on these three long long days

    For silent is the guiltless SON
    As day to dark does turn
    One simple TRUTH HE dares to speak
    HIS light can only save

    Such mercy for the guilty
    Brought down by this dying SON
    Blood so red but yet so soothing
    On the faithful faces brooding

    Oh cool cool moon you push the tides
    First full then oh so low
    But fear not all faithful faces
    For in the dawn the SON as the tide will rise

    NEVER!!! NEVER!!!NEVER!!! To ever set again

    +++ Truly. +++

  2. AMDG says:

    Listening I had the sense I was catching a glimpse of the vast cult of darkness which is spreading over the face of the land. This is the music that is seeping into the souls of the young people of our nation. Come! Holy Trinity, Fire of Mercy, and illumine the darkness in our souls.

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