My Migraine relieved by mercy

Coptic Egyptian Icon of Crucifixion.

“I will sing of the mercies of the Lord for ever” — Psalm 89:1

Happy Divine Mercy Sunday! This is the eighth day of the Easter Octave, the day the risen Lord invited Thomas to probe His open wounds. Here’s a little poem I wrote last night to celebrate this Feast:

Love rejected, renewed
once enthroned on a Rood,
expended without measure
renouncing its own pleasure
to raise up from the grave,
to restore and to save
all once that was lost
not heeding the cost.
Such is a love that is mercy
extolled by my verse, see
this Day we must sing
to our slave become King
whose love, now deathless
leaves His beloved breathless;
for the beauty of His art
has conquered my heart.

One of the greatest gifts of writing this blog, besides its releasing pressure (Jer. 20:9), is learning of the graces people receive now and again through what I post. It’s always awe-inspiring and is a source of gratitude in my daily prayer. Most of those graces are shared with me via email. I received one this last week I just had to share. The author graciously gave me the green light to post it today for this Feast. The only changes I made were deleting a few identifiable references, breaking it into paragraphs and I added a link to the previous post she referred to.

Hello. I recently read your post called Migraine I said “that’s it!” I had to tell you myself about some things in my life that fit with what you said. For years I have lived in the garbage that is my screwed up family. My parents I mean made life hell for years for me and my sister like really bad. I lived without a real father had a mother who had better things to do besides her kids. That sucks when your a kid. I rarely got the affection or love a girl deserves from a dad and mom. This all followed me all my whole life and it was bad most people saw me as a person without hope or luck in life. Lots of times I wanted to give up if you know what I mean in the worst way I wanted to die. My head was full of self hating thoughts and sadness all the time. I think I hated God most because I thought he made me this way or I thought he was angry at me.

But a few months ago I went away from my life and took a catholic retreat that a friend invited me to go on. I had never done that before you know stopped to take time just to be with God and focus. On the retreat I realized an unbelievable thing. I say unbelievable because it was unbelievable to me before then. Great for everyone else I thought maybe but not for me at all. Through this really great priest in confession and praying to God in all the quiet time I had I realized my parents were not God. That was huge. Sounds stupid but it was not. And that God had always loved me as a daughter like a real Father in heaven. I cried alot.

There’s a thought I’ll hold on to forever right? “Life has a hopeful undertone!” Wrapped my whole life around it like a warm blanket. But if I didn’t stop do that retreat I would never have found out it was true. The priest at the retreat told me it was a new foundation of my whole life. Hopefully so! That’s so awesome right? The Migraine in my head is gone! 🙂 So when somebody sent me your blog and what you had to say about the twenty one pilots song and I heard their lyrics I was like yeah that’s totally it! So know that your words about twenty one pilots rings true in my life and I’m sure in the lives of alot of other people who had a bad life like me. Thanks for writing it and letting me know about their music. Pray for me and I’ll pray for you too Thanks for everything. You can use this in your blog if you want just dont use my name.

What else can I say?

Here’s the song she referred to I had written on — Migraine:

4 comments on “My Migraine relieved by mercy

  1. nos says:

    Perhaps this blog is your book …peace be with you as always … the jew…

  2. Ona says:

    Thanks be to God. Thanks to your guest writer for sharing such beautiful words. I still find it rather miraculous that He loves us despite us being such a mess. How cool is that?

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