Labor of Love

For those of you who don’t see my Facebook page and are willing to indulge a father’s pride, I wanted to share an update on some new music videos by (my daughter) Maria and Ashley, as well as a one-and-only that includes my daughter Catherine percussing. Catherine was a Jazz Band percussionist before she went to High School. I will not be posting for a while so you have a few to enjoy till then.

First, some Maria and Ashley covers (Maria has the shorter hair):

{This one below is a video compilation Maria assembled from a Twenty One Pilots concert she and Ashley attended in August, backed by their singing of the TØP song, “Truce.” My favorite image is right around 1:44}:

Second, just Maria is solo and “playing around” with Garage Band:

Third, Catherine is backstage with some of the performers in the musical, Legally Blonde, having some fun just before a show. Catherine is seated, percussing on the right:

2 comments on “Labor of Love

  1. Pat Halsch says:

    I don’t Facebook so I truly appreciate you posting on your blog Maria & Ashley’s gifts & talent !
    Warmed my heart. God bless.

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