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I rarely advertise things here, but today I wanted to make an exception. I would like to recommend two Blogs, involving two men I am blessed to call friends.

One is called Risking Reality, and it’s brand new. Austin Ashcraft is the author and his approach to life and faith is really lively, off-beat and intelligent. He’s smart, exceptionally personable, passionately faith-filled, guileless and is working on completing his M.A. in theology at Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans. Here’s a taste of his writing:

Is this risk worth it? Can we really make sense out of this wild thing we call humanity, full of joys and sorrows, peaks and valleys, pleasant interactions with a stranger in line for coffee and 5 minutes later getting flicked off by the person in front of you in rush hour traffic for no reason, blinding city lights and desert star-filled skies, craft brews and natty light, relatives living long full years to the ripe old age of 104 and a friend unexpectedly dying of sudden heart failure at 22, free pancake day at IHOP and thousands of people dying every day from starvation, sunny days in suburbia and simultaneous sunny days of genocide in another hemisphere, life and death? How can we make sense of all of these extremes?

Try it out: https://riskingreality.wordpress.com/

The second Blog, The Catholic Outpost, is a Catholic treasury of articles and resources (a veritable Rome Depot), inspired by, among others, the capacious vision of Jordan Haddad. Jordan is a Catholic gentleman to the core, a serious intellectual and is pursuing his PhD in theology at Catholic University of America. And his love for his wife, Shannon, is really a wonder to behold. He and Shannon are expecting a daughter to be born soon so pray for them! Here’s the Outpost mission:

The Catholic Outpost is a community of theologians and evangelists who, out of love for Christ and his Church, seek to spread the Kingdom of God through various methods of evangelization and media. We seek to provide a provocative yet orthodox Catholic perspective to current events as well as accessible catechetical articles on different aspects of the faith ranging from Catholic dogma, Sacred Scripture, moral theology, Catholic social teaching, Church history, canon law, sacred art and music, and liturgy. The Catholic Outpost is meant to benefit the everyday Catholic in the United States of America who desires to continue his or her growth in Christian discipleship while at the same time learning how the faith relates to each and every part of his or her life in both private and public. We seek to form an intelligent and well-formed Catholic laity who can have a real impact upon our 21st-century American world.

Try it out: http://thecatholicoutpost.com/

P.S. sorry for the bad pun

2 comments on “Other Blogs

  1. Christa says:

    Oh, come on, Tom – you’re not really sorry about the pun! Nor are your faithful readers. 🙂

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