Lake Ella Sky

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.” — Ansel Adams

Another self-indulgent photo album from the 3 days Patti and I spent in Tallahassee, Florida during the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Tallahassee is our spiritual home: found our faith there, met there, married there, had all our children there, made lifelong friendships there. The photos capture sights that caught my fancy. Each had a specific meaning to me that I’ve tried to distill in these brief captions. And I’ll end by treating you to the wildly gifted Colleen Nixon’s playful song about our beloved Tallahassee! For those so disposed, enjoy…


“Crux.” This is the crux of a cross made by a dear friend of mine. It’s gorgeous. If the Cross is a symbol of God’s love for the world, this cross is a symbol of my friend’s love for God.


The stream where my sons and I would spend hours catching small fish, tadpoles and building dams made from stones and logs. This must be There (Rev. 22:1)


And great grammar!


Lake Ella, where Patti and I spent hours and hours walking and talking. She would even let me practice my first lectures with her as we walked.


The games I would play with a friend at Black Dog Cafe, as we spoke about Russian philosopher, Nikolai Berdyaev


Realized eschatology. My dear friend Peter Bond, Regina Cigars, Abita Amber and Momo’s pizza. Maranatha.


Pete Bond’s own “Jerry’s Cigar Shop & Ashton Lounge”. Come on, man, can’t you have this in New Orleans?


The Live Oak tree our children loved to climb when they wanted to climb trees. Also There (Rev. 22:2)


Graffiti: man’s irrepressible need to deface


Firing range at our friends’ house.


“You make wine to cheer man’s heart” (cf Psalm 104:15)


My daughter, Catherine just before her Freshman dance. Where’s the stop button?

6 comments on “Lake Ella Sky

  1. jill dean says:

    so glad y’all were in town! so sad i didn’t know!

  2. Louise says:

    Tom – I also attribute Tallahassee as the place I found this wonderful community at St. Thomas More and learned so much about my Catholic faith. It was the start of an incredible journey in faith for me and I am so thankful I met you and your dear wife who uplifted me every Sunday with her wonderful musical arrangements. God bless you – you don’t know how much good you do – keep it up!

  3. beads2rosaries says:

    Thank you and Patti for blessing our town with your holy presence.

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