Pix, Pyx

A light post today, littered with pix which, for me, serve as a Pyx for the sacraments of daily life.

First, the sounds from Sunday’s quiet moment along the lakeshore:


Mandie DeVries did me the great kindness of turning my “Morning offering for the laity” into a prayer card.


St. Augustin Adoration chapel in Des Moines. My wife and I spent many hours there. The Tabernacle-Monstrance is patterned after the Ark of the Covenant, but instead of the presence of God being invisible between the wings of the Seraphim, God is now present by means of sacramental Bread.


Flying home from Iowa a few weeks ago, this view of the Mississippi took my breath away.


In our neighbor’s yard, Mary is doing the Limbo! Anything to make her children smile…


Maria and I waiting for Confession to begin 2 Saturdays ago.


Today begins the Novena leading up to the Twenty One Pilots concert here in NOLA on 3/2…


Shoring up the levee with steamy mud. Gives me such confidence…


My sister’s family and my family gathered for my Mom’s 90th. Queen Margaret.


Sunday’s second reading, perishing any claim that heaven’s happiness is about God alone. Heaven’s happiness is joying in a new creation, which is made of the substance this creation offered up to God as Food and Drink through the mouths of the hungry and thirsty, i.e. heaven is made of mercy. Which is why in the Holy Mass God transubstantiates *food and drink* to translate the substance of this world into the substance of the next. This is also why the Gifts of bread and wine are always brought up with Alms at the Offertory. An integral logic. Heaven is et…et; created and uncreated goods; the vision of divinity and the vision of flowery meadows; the company of God and of enemy-turned-neighbor; the glory of God and of the creation He Himself became in Jesus. All belong to you, if you belong to Christ who belongs to the Father. Alleluia


Flowers for my Mom’s party. Patti loves flowers.


Hanging at the levee Sunday, listening to those waves and birds and crickets.



2 comments on “Pix, Pyx

  1. As my British/Canadian Brother In Law would say – God Save the Queen! Wonderful pictures – very inspiring.

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