Ashley and Maria, Sh-Boom

Life Could Be a Dream may be my favorite Mashley video yet. It’s playful and joyful, with fun harmonies, smiles and slip ups. It was recorded in the seminary on Friday night, with the Blessed Mother behind them outside smiling, unquestionably. And a blooper bonus at the end.

My heart sang. I love Mashley.

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8 comments on “Ashley and Maria, Sh-Boom

  1. Lauren Lagarde says:

    What a dream team!!!!!! I loved it!!!
    Thanks for sharing! It brought song to my heart this morning!!!

  2. Guada Girl says:

    beautiful voices they are the girl band version of 21 pilots. Inspirational! You go girls!

  3. Tatia Eischeid says:


  4. Abigail A says:

    I love your blog, Dr. Neal. Your wisdom and thoughtfulness about the world force me to reexamine my life and faith almost every time I read an entry. But I always get especially excited when you post a new song by Maria and Ashley. They have this deep, yet delicate, joy about them and their covers give me hope for the music of the future. God bless!

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