4 comments on “Petition

  1. Jennifer says:

    Seriously enjoying these audio posts. Thank you!

    This was so informative. I’ve written before about realising that the message not to ask for things, it’s rude that I internalised as a child had translated to me not feeling comfortable asking God for things or with expressing lament, need, desire etc….I do pray for others but its usually either because they asked me too so I see it as encouragement, or because I am moved by someone’s suffering and have no other way I can think of to help but to lift them up. so it’s almost like I’m doing that to alleviate my own sense of impotence in the face of their suffering. And I know that God answers prayers, but I kinda feel like my role is that of a cheering bystander, not a pivotal actor. But listening to this today, I was super-struck by your statement (sorry, I’m paraphrasing terribly) that our prayers are required, that if I understood properly, that because of free will, somehow God is waiting on us to instigate His action?! (Have I been living under a rock?) That’s so RISKY, God, what are You doing leaving it up to us? The other thing you said: how we are all part of the body of Christ, not individual particles making it on our own. Yes, I knew that, but that makes so much sense in terms of prayer. GAH! Seriously!
    Thank you. This has been a total jolt.


    • jmf:
      After a super draining day this was a little resurrection for me to read your effusion.
      Nothing makes me happier thank to know I jolt someone’s spirit for good.
      Thank you for making time to say that.
      May God bring to completion that good He long ago began in you.
      Peace! tjmfjn

      • Jennifer says:

        Well, I hope you have a relaxing weekend after your super-duper day.
        And your posts are always for my good! A most joyful Divine Mercy Sunday to you.
        God bless you!

      • Jennifer says:

        I wrote super draining but autocorrect changed it to super-duper, so yes, here’s to super-duper days!!

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