“Awake, O Lord, why do you sleep?” — Psalm 44:24

God, quite often, uses a discordant note to make a symphony. — Joe, Sky View

The tuning up of an orchestra can be itself delightful, but only to those who can in some measure, however little, anticipate the symphony. — C.S. Lewis

God likes it when you get angry and tell him what you feel to his face because he is a Father! — Pope Francis

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3 comments on ““Awake, O Lord, why do you sleep?” — Psalm 44:24

  1. Nos says:

    I’ll remember the Popes quote the next time I’m in front of the BLESSED SACREMENT. I have a lot to holler about…

  2. tmm says:

    Hitting the jackpot with the C.S. Lewis quote:C.S. Lewis:”The tuning up of an orchestra can b itself delightful,but only 2those who can in some measure,however little,anticipate da symphony”. Thank you for your post, it provided today’s text mess that was shared with others. My response may be a bit unconventional but it seems that during stressful times of trials, if we can envision those moments as God’s way of tuning up the orchestra, that is, our lives. Placing our complete trust in Him will secure the graces we need to bring about serenity and strength beyond measure. Grace can gift us the faith to somewhat sense the spiritual marvels occurring below the monster iceberg which is causing so much pain. Fueled in excess would be our resolve to press on. The more the Holy Spirit lives in us, the better we’ll understand, not necessarily the details, because how can the finite process the infinite? But, for whatever is necessary, we will find clarity in our hearts if they are open. This can trigger a thankful gratefulness due to the realization that the love of God is working a greater EVERLASTING Good, than what meets the eye or what we can imagine. What can help tweak our level of understanding is: silence, prayer from the heart, guarding all five senses from garbage, an intense sacramental life where we frequently utilize ALL of the Sacraments available to us in our current state of life. A must is reverencing God, and not man or ourselves. One needs to study, incorporate a daily diet of Lectio Divina, and of course settle comfortably into Eucharistic Adoration. The focus must be strictly Christ centered, prevailing unmindfulness of the people around and about. The degree to which we allow the Holy Spirit to purify our actions, is the degree to which we ascend to sweeter higher grounds. Maybe you have a string of wisdom and knowledge pearls that can spiritually adorn and enhance.

    🙈🙉🙊Carelessness in regards 2 what U speak, hear, see, R read
    & a steady diet of worldly garbage 2da other senses U constantly feed
    What results will be a weakened sick soul, a spiritual cripple in need
    Straight up truth, sacramental care & lots of prayer, da ideal remedy indeed

    / \ http://gigapostolate.weebly.com tmm/PTL

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