Listen to the Mustn’ts

[one last ’til Thursday…a free-falling meditation I wrote in a coffee shop on John 19:30 spilling all over everything. Ave=”Hail!” and Nova Eva=”New Eve”]

Yes, that’s the heart of Advent.

O preposterous, breaking-and-entering Thief, opening fissures in our hardened Heartland! Onto parched clay, thirsty earth, you splashed, splattered down torrential waters. A dreadful drenching, awe-inducing, hope-producing, life-diffusing Kingdom come.

Into the Land of Impossibles, the Possible. Into the Land of Fate, Providence. Into the Land of Won’t, Will. Into the Land of Can’t, Did. Into the Land of Not, Is. Into the Land of No, Yes. Into the Land of Old, New. Into the Land of Death, Life.

We are the fissures, priests of creation’s undoing, redoing, calling down Downpours on our Land’s re-creation. Offering from desert death, a Garden bloom.

What Child is this, dreaming of such Impossibles? Listen, O priestly-Man, to God-with-us saying in His dying, “It is finished!” Now new, Anything can be — miracles, martyrs, mercy, Mass testify of this eloquently.

O Come, O Come all who tighten the knot of Eve ’round the neck of God! Me, in my every binding sin. Behold! In cradle and cross, One of Three co-entangled, untangling by the Ave to Nova Eva to set us free.

A Gardener, unobtrusive as the dewfall, heavy-laden with sowing seeds, scattering liberally, profusely, wastefully. Beneath His footsteps earth splits open, yawning, yearning, receiving sunward the downfalling Dew; flowering in song.

Awaken. Sprout. Flower. Seed. Die only to Rise in Eternity.

¡Absolutamente imposible!


10 comments on “Listen to the Mustn’ts

  1. JJ Yahoo says:

    Loved the Beethoven ending – made my day! Thanks, Jane


  2. Paulette Renaudin says:

    What an incredible impromptu concert that just kept evolving that day to bring so many people young and old so much joy! Thank you. I also enjoyed the birth of a sunflower. I received a huge sunflower that I did not plant outside my window when I was confined to a wheelchair for 8 weeks. It just came up from nowhere, except from God, to show me that He knew right where I was at that difficult time and to show me His love. Thank you.

  3. Nos the greater says:

    ” ” “awaken sprout flower seed ,die only to rise in eternity . . . ” ” ” the husband and wife beget the child who grows and again begets a child who again plants their seed and begets yet another child . . . I am constantly reminded of this simple ,yet to many ,complicated concept of hereditary regeneration . . .all of GOODS creation subject to his “natural laws” yes I am a gardener among other things unobtrusive mmmmmmm I think not I trample the ground where ever I go thinking not of the creations beneath my feet but knowing my unintended destruction of our good LORDS creation are taken good care of by our maker . . ..and as I look at my children and grand children I know I have not wasted my seed, yes I have scattered “liberally” and ” profusely and the weeds among the corn are easily pulled if one tends the soil and doesn’t let the garden become overgrown . . . .yes we are ” the fissures ” but we are also the welders to repair those fissures and gaps . . . Let us . All contemplate as we say the LORDS prayer and truly commit to HIS Will be done . . . P B W Y A . A .

  4. Jennifer says:

    Thomas: this is a masterpiece, truly!
    Your spillage of wonder-drenched verse is like shook foil. Thank you for fanning the flames of wasteful delight. May we heartily and heartfully prepare the way for His advent! O come let us adore Him!

    Blessed, busy week to you!

  5. Katy says:

    “What Child is this, dreaming of such Impossibles?” I haven’t thought before about the imagination of Jesus. How exciting must that have been for Mary and Joseph to learn how their Son, their God, their Savior *imagines*? In time. For their hearts. Seeing beyond what meets the eye. But also totally seeing what meets the eye and “loving everything that He hath made”. Incarnate and Imaginative, not either/or, but both.

    Thanks for writing, Tom! That coffee shop must have been saturated in joy.

  6. AMDG says:

    Gloriously delightful!

    Thank you.

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