White Winter Hymnal

Ashley and (daughter) Maria could sing nursery rhymes or the State Farm theme song, and I’d be totally sold on it. But, all paternal bias aside, here’s a super fun video of a song they recorded back in December. As is often the case, I’d never heard of it before. White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes. They sing it a cappella, and with no instruments. Which, like saying “Mashley rocks,” is a tautology.

I hope to post at the end of the week. Life is packed these days.

Enjoy, and just know if you don’t watch and ooh-aah with me, I forgive you in advance.

7 comments on “White Winter Hymnal

  1. Jennifer says:

    Ooh and Aah. Great job, girls!

  2. tmm says:

    🎤Casting my vote with an aye!
    🎤The Songbirds so cool, so fly!
    🎤This, can anyone listening deny?

    🔦God’s grace isn’t da light @ da end of da tunnel, It’s da light dat guides us thru it
    🔦Like in all things, da Lord isn’t just B4 us, but He’s also behind, above, beneath, in & with
    🔦So united 2 Him we can’t loose as we go head on, it’s His power dat gets us thru, even if it’s a tight fit
    \ 😇/
    / \ http://gigapostolate.weebly.com tmm/PTL

  3. DismasDancing says:

    M and I were watching a PBS broadcast of the “Celtic Woman” the other night. One of their finales was a beautiful rendition of “Over the Rainbow”. A flashback from the past (not drug or combat related) reminded me of the first time I was on stage performing. There were two in one year. The first was a beautiful May celebration in honor of the Blessed Mother in which I played the part of Michael, the Archangel with an appropriate celebratory soliloquy. I was 9 y/o and in the 4th grade. The second, later in the start of the 5th grade, was a simple “show” thing where all grades participated. Our grade did a number of musical and dance things, among them, “On the Good Ship Lollipop”, et.al., and, the finale, “Over the Rainbow”. I didn’t actually see the “Wizard of Oz” until years later; but the music captivated me, handing me a lifelong fondness for its words and tune. Thus the “flashback” the other evening.

    What does that have to do with your post? As I said in a recent comment on one of your missives, I have had the privilege of watching you and your family grow in “wisdom and strength” (to coin a phrase) over the years. Often, I smile. Occasionally, tears reach my eyes; for, I see in your descriptions and pics, music (multiple genres), poetry, sharing of comments made by confessors, advisers, friends—all that have meaning for me. Your sharing of the beauty of the MASHLEY phenomenon sometimes speaks more than a hundred volumes about how they have been raised and taught and how you and Patti convey your love of and to them. They’re simply awesome. To me, this “a cappella” piece is, perhaps, one of their best musically. It drew not a few tears.

    Above all, I see, hear, and taste the things that we as husbands and fathers MUST possess to really be Christ-like to our spouses, and “ABBA—Daddy” to our children, brought into this world in cooperation with Our Heavenly Father. When we sign on to that role, God knows we most often enter that life blindly but with perpetual hope that we will survive what so much and so many try to destroy. While you have owned in many ways the struggles to which you and Patti have been exposed, you also demonstrate in these kinds of things that, somewhere in your daily life, “Jesus, I trust in You” escapes your lips in both petition AND gratitude.

    Above all, I hear, see, feel, touch a pride (tempered by our gratitude to God for the privilege) from a father who, in his roles as nurturer, guide, counselor, masculine strength(as God intended), and trusted protector spares nothing in showing us in very humble ways what it means when we say “I LOVE you”—“…as Christ loved the Church!” to our spouses, to our children, and all whom Our Lord asks us to love. Don’t stop sharing that love, that pride, that joy of being a father, husband, and fellow Christian. It is beautifully antithetical to so much of the babble that surrounds us. Our own children demonstrated to M and me at our 50th anniversary gig last August that, somewhere along the line, we let them know, in spite of the noise that would sidetrack us and through the Grace of a very merciful God, we got through it in “one piece” and still remain beautifully in love with each other. Praise God from Whom ALL blessings flow!

    Please extend kudos and rave revues from me to the young ladies. They are indeed awesome and I really do look forward to their music! An especially great compliment for not only the music. Loved the staging.

    Much love, brother, for your post. Pax tecum! And a fervent Deo Gratias.

  4. Nos says:

    Dismas you have been filled with such a grace of faith ,hope and,love your effect on the many who share on this beautiful post is incalculable.I am an emotional person who cries at the drop of a hat and need it be said for joy I often get emotional at your CHRIST centered comments or should I say more .May you and yours be filled with his love + + + + + + + . . . Thomas thank you so for this platform to the blessing of countless sinners such as me. To Mashley I say you err rock Ladies.

    • DismasDancing says:

      My dear NOS, your always-gracious comments are welcome yet humbling for, like you, I am a wretched soul seeking a righteous highway to salvation. Posts like our beloved Professor’s, yours, Jens, and all of Bro Tom’s followers richly point the way and let all of us know that, in this life and death struggle, we do indeed “bear one another’s burdens” thus fulfilling the laws of the Lord. Thanks sincerely for the kind wishes for me and the family. With joy I sincerely return those wishes to you and yours. I treasure your comments. Please don’t stop! Peace, dear brother in Christ.

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