Archdiocesan Lenten Day of Reflection: A Preview

Archdiocesan Lenten Day of Reflection
March 12, 2019
“Blessed are those who mourn.” — Matt. 5:4
Presented by Fr. Dustin Feddon and Dr. Tom Neal
Grieving is a universal human experience. It is often closely connected to our encounters with failure and loss, especially the loss of hope or the sting of death. No one seeks out grief, but all of us are confronted by it. This is why it is so stunning that, in the Beatitudes, Jesus calls “blessed” — supremely happy! — those who grieve, making it a sort of hallmark for Christian discipleship. How can this be? How can joy come from grief, happiness from weeping, comfort from sorrow?
This Lenten Day of Reflection will be dedicated to this theme of “blessed mourning,” and will include talks, quiet time, small group conversation, and Mass. We will explore the themes of history and memory, suffering and hope, and how these find their ultimate meaning in Christ. Our goal is to offer all Archdiocesan staff the opportunity to prayerfully reflect on the ways Christ wishes to join grief and joy in your life, and challenge you to embrace more firmly your calling to become ambassadors of hope in Christ’s joy in an often hopeless and suffering world.
Fr. Dustin Feddon is the Pastoral Administrator of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parish in Crawfordville, Florida, and Sacred Heart of Jesus parish in Lanark, Florida. He also serves as a prison chaplain in the Florida Panhandle and is co-founder of the Joseph House reentry program, which offers a range of services for accompanying our brothers and sisters leaving prison. Fr. Feddon’s theme will be, “Blessed are those who Mourn: Making History Matter and the Act of Remembrance.”
Dr. Tom Neal is a professor of Theology at Notre Dame Seminary. Dr Tom’s theme will be, “Blessed are those who Mourn: Discovering Hope in Suffering”

13 comments on “Archdiocesan Lenten Day of Reflection: A Preview

  1. Michael says:

    Dr. Neal,

    Wishing you all the best. Lent will have more meaning without reading your insightful blog.

    Peace, now and always

  2. Judy L Svendsen says:

    Tom, I will miss you posts, but understand!! I have been adjusting to a new job, coaching bowling, and trying to keep the household afloat during the government shutdown. I am trying to play catch up this weekend. I still won’t get everything done. Thanks for the song. Tell the family hello for me.
    God Bless!

  3. Claude Kenneson says:

    I understand. Best to you in all you do. Peace and all good and God’s blessings to you.

  4. Very understandable but you will be sorely missed.

  5. Anne says:

    I will miss your posts during this hiatus! Your writing always touches me and I have no doubt God uses your insightful words to guide me, correct me (always in a gentle and liberating way!) and strengthen me as much of what you write strikes to the core of my doubts, questions and musings in my faith journey. I find myself re-reading much of what you write and lingering on the message that God conveys to me through your insight. I will trust that He will use other conduits of grace and wisdom to keep me on my toes during your break 😜 Best of luck to you during this busy season of life!

  6. beads2rosaries says:

    The Holy Spirit is planning something great come May! Can’t wait to see what happens on the other side.

  7. Miss Kathy says:

    Dear friend — You have given so much to so many (including your family) seems like you’ve saved nothing for yourself. Stop worrying about us and take care of Tom!

  8. Maureen says:

    No worries… your life and family come first!
    We can read old posts … that will keep us going for a while ….
    You take care of yourself.
    Peace To All

  9. Patti Halsch says:

    I am with Maureen – plenty of old post to refer to when I feel the call. Perfect example, this was posted on 2/2 and I am just reading 11 days later ? !
    You will have the call to share something with us. And you don’t always need to “write”. You can always share Ashley & Marie . . . 🙂
    God bless you and your family.

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