‘He’ or ‘We’?

I don’t usually ever post comments I receive on my blog, though very many of them could become their own genre of spiritual reflection. They often leave me in awe. But this one left by Katy Dornbos yesterday just grabbed me in a way that warranted a posting. She caught a (not infrequent) typo in my last post, but turned it into an opportunity for a reflection that is abyssus abyssum invocat, “deep calling on deep.”

I actually met Katy for the very first time this summer in Omaha, by a crazy happenstance that has God’s fingerprints all over it. Thanks Katy, and all who leave such meaningful comments here…

+ + +

Perhaps this was intentional – either way beautiful – but I couldn’t help but notice:

“But what caught my heart most was that Jesus went out in the boat on the sea of Galilee *alone*.”

Yet later on you write “I imagined Jesus gauging the wind, adjusting the sails or rowing, steering the rudder, looking back at the shore where the people stood, while deciding where WE wanted to land the boat.”

I almost hope it was unintentional. The best slip of “we” for “he”. But even if it was intentional, this is a great instance of how and why it is so effective to use imagination while reading scripture. Because every single thing we imagine is also for US, and never “just” Jesus.

On retreat earlier this summer, I began to understand that everything *I* noticed, asked, or desired of Jesus was also something that *He* was communicating to me about myself. So even my noticing of Him is salvific for me, teaching me how I truly wanted Him.

So it’s fun to turn all your questions, Tom, to myself (or perhaps you could turn them to yourself, from Him). I’ve come to know He’s just as curious about my response as I am about His. Well, really, He’s even more curious than me. And all of a sudden, prayer becomes really fun.

5 comments on “‘He’ or ‘We’?

  1. Tatia says:

    I love this! We miss you Dr. Tom! God helps you write!

  2. Katy says:

    Ah, I’m so glad it was a typo – very fun!!
    Thanks for writing, Tom.
    I’m grateful for this corner of the internet.

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