Seventeen light show

A playful post.

My daughter Maria is a film major, and her passion is film editing. For fun, she adds a glowing scribble animation effect to existing videos to highlight and interpret movement. At least that’s my explanation! She adds them frame by frame, so it’s a ginormous amount of work. Such fun! Here’s her latest:

6 comments on “Seventeen light show

  1. Sydney says:

    heck yeah

  2. Jeff Blackwell says:

    Wow, Maria! First of all, the guys are awesome dancers. However, Maria’s visual embellishments make the video pop!!! Fantastic, hard work. Glad you shared it Dr. Neal.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Wow, that’s incredible, Maria! Any idea if the original video producers have gotten wind of Maria’s transformation to their work? Really cool!

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