The Meaning of Icons

I wanted to share the video recording of a lecture we had last Wednesday at Notre Dame Seminary, where I teach. It is of Fr. Maximos Constas speaking on The Meaning of Icons. It is brilliant, as Fr. Maximos always is. He gave our last annual Catholic-Orthodox lecture on St. Maximus the Confessor, and we loved him so much we asked him to return!

He’s the only rockin’ Athonite monk I know. A genius, a linguist, a theologian, a historian, a warm human being and a connoisseur of great art. The kind of man you could speak with for hours, and forget time passed. The kind of man who, when displaying his vast knowledge of nearly any subject, doesn’t make you feel stupid, but wiser. In other words, he’s a teacher.

My son Michael recorded and edited the video (note the cool way he inserted Father’s slides!). He said to say that the video is a bit grainy because Fr. Maximos wanted the light dimmed for the Power Point slides.

One comment on “The Meaning of Icons

  1. Jennifer says:

    First of all, I am very glad that you have shared here the seminary’s Catholic-Orthodox lecture every year. And I believe you have been instrumental in bringing this lecture series to life, so thank you!!
    Some of the lectures I recall have been particularly remarkable, hugely informative and moving. This one fits that description on all counts. So much to ponder! The words of his conclusion will be my leaping off point for prayer as I head outdoors in a few minutes.

    And while all of the icons shown (excellent editing.choices, Michael, by the way) are well, icons and reflections of the divine, I have to say how particularly moved I was by the icon of St. Appollinaire.

    Thank you, Tom!


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